Proposing and Organizing a Special Session

If you wish to organize a special session at M&C 2021, please submit your proposal in the following format:

  • Title of the session that reflects the special topic (less than 10 words)
  • Organizer
    • your full name
    • affiliation
    • country
    • email address
    • phone number
  • Summary
    • Description of the topic, problem on interest, its significance, area of application etc.
    • The topic of the special session must be within the scope of M&C 2021
    • maximum 1500 characters
  • List of potential or committed (if available) speakers
    • full name
    • affiliation
    • country
    • email address
    • phone numbers (optional)

 A special session is a collection of 6-8 talks (papers) on a single topic of interest within the M&C Topical Meetings. The organizer will be responsible for contacting speakers to stimulate submission of papers. The M&C 2021 Organizing Committee will neither waive registration fees nor provide travel support for invited participants. The Technical Program Committee will review all papers, including special session papers, submitted to M&C 2021. The M&C acceptance criteria will apply to all papers. You may be asked by TPCs to help review these papers and recommend reviewers for them. The organizer will plan the sequence of talks, chair the session, and stimulate discussion during the session. M&C 2021 Technical Program Chairs will review the submitted proposal for a special session.

Dmitriy Anistratov (

Todd Urbatsch (

M&C 2021 Technical Program Chairs


Dmitriy Anistratov

Todd Urbatsch