Student & Early Career Program

Mark your calendars and plan to participate in this very exciting ANS Topical Meeting during October 3-7, 2021 in Raleigh NC.

How to Get Involved

  • Participate in the Career Development Workshop on Monday, October 4
    • Time: to be announced
    • Audience: prospective/new graduate students; current & graduating students; and, early career professionals (3 years & under)
    • Content: a panel of experts from academia, national laboratories & industry will speak on transitionary phases & skill sets to attain – professional development advice, hiring manager suggestions, etc.
    • Send other topic suggestions to
  • Tour Campus & Raleigh-Durham Facilities
    • On campus: visit the PULSTAR Research Reactor, Nuclear Engineering Simulation Laboratory & campus highlights including the James B. Hunt, Jr. Library & its Visualization Lab
    • Off campus: Triangle University Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL), a US Department of Energy Center of Excellence in Nuclear Physics
  • Volunteer during the topical meeting
    • Help session chairs distribute & collect surveys, count the number of session participants
    • More generally, help wherever a set of hands is needed
    • Additional information/meeting for the student assistant program is forthcoming. Early career professionals are not included in this program.

Student & Early Career Program Committee Members

Lisa Marshall, M&C 2021 Student Program Chair
Joseph Coale, M&C 2021 Student Program Assistant Chair
William Dawn, M&C 2021 Student Program Assistant Chair